Monday, September 26, 2016

Meet Fast Forward Presenter >> Paul Thompson

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
Revolutionary 21st Century Philadelphia

Philadelphia was founded by William Penn in 1682. We love old cities like Philadelphia because they are living history, represent American culture and have beautiful historic buildings, streets and places.
The Philadelphia Historical Commission lists more than 22,000 properties and 15 historic districts in the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. Established in 1955, the Philadelphia Historical Commission is the City of Philadelphia’s regulatory agency responsible for ensuring the preservation of historically significant buildings, structures, sites, objects, interiors and districts in Philadelphia.
Leading cities around the country – and world – are making aggressive commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. Philadelphia’s buildings account for 60 percent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, making this sector the single-great opportunity for meeting the 80x50 goal. One way to reduce those emissions is by improving the energy efficiency of Philadelphia’s building stock. As part of Greenworks, Philadelphia’s comprehensive sustainability plan, the city set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 20 percent from 1990 and 2006 baselines by 2015. Philadelphia has not achieved these goals yet: private and public citizens need to act immediately to achieve this level of deep carbon reduction.

In this presentation, we assert:
- Old cities must stay vibrant and alive, cherish the past and embrace the future
- Historic and cultural preservation must consider the need to address climate change
- Historic properties must help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
- Philadelphia must be a leader in the energy reduction revolution


Paul is an architect in Philadelphia. He and his architect wife are renovating a historic Rittenhouse Square rowhouse to the EnerPHit near-zero energy standard.

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