Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Meet Fast Forward Presenter >> Bill Kilpatrick

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
Community through Tall Ship Sailing and Historical Preservation

Philadelphia’s waterfront has seen immense growth and development in recent years, with many events, public spaces, and recreational activities being offered along the rivers. Residents of the city and surrounding areas, along with many of the city’s millions of visitors each year, enjoy Philadelphia’s waterfront each year. My vision for Philadelphia’s future includes growth in these areas, but with a particular focus on knowledge of (and participation in) activities that take place on (and not just beside) the water. I’d like to see more of an awareness of the many sailing, boating, kayaking, and other water activities and events that exist in Philadelphia - and an appreciation of the role the waterfront plays in the city/region's economy and history.
Bill Kilpatrick is an ecommerce analyst and online marketer in Philadelphia. 
He also volunteers at the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild, working to preserve historic ships like the barquentine Gazela Primeiro, a 1901 wooden tall sailing ship home ported in Philadelphia.

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