Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet Fast Forward Presenter >> Paul Glover

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
Prepare for the Best: Thriving in Philadelphia's Green Future

Philadelphia's responses to global warming and market cooling, high fuel and food prices, health unsurance, mortgages, student debt and war will decide whether our future here becomes vastly better or vastly worse. Whether we're the Next Great City or Next Great Medieval Village.

Imagine instead that, 20 years from now, Philadelphia's green economy enables everyone to work a few hours creatively daily, then relax with family and friends to enjoy top-quality local, healthy food. To enjoy clean, low-cost, warm housing, clean and safe transport, high-quality handcrafted clothes and household goods. To enjoy creating and playing together, growing up and growing old in supportive neighborhoods where everyone is valuable. And to do this while replenishing rather than depleting the planet.

Entirely realistic. Not a pipe dream. And more practical than cynicism. The tools, skills and wealth exist.
Paul Glover is the 2014 Green Party candidate for governor of Pennsylvania. He is the founder of 18 organizations and campaigns, including Ithaca HOURS local currency, Philadelphia Orchard Project, Health Democracy, Citizen Planners of Los Angeles, author of several books including "Green Jobs Philly," and a former professor of urban studies at Temple University. His GreenPlanners consultancy helps communities prepare a secure and abundant future even while fuel and food costs rise. As governor, Glover would “ban fracking, promote progressive taxation, generate green jobs, revive public education, end mass incarceration and establish a State bank.”

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