Sunday, September 28, 2014

Meet Fast Forward Presenter >> Emma Fried-Cassorla

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
Experiential Marketing

Active Philadelphians will demand physical engagement with organizations, the spaces they run, their members and their leaders. Experiential marketing, consisting of tours, lectures, parties, happy hours, etc., will be key for organizations at all levels to succeed both on the front and back end of projects.

Through Philly Love Notes, individual writers meet me and have an opportunity to explain the role they play within the community. At the #whyilovephilly parties, attendees get an opportunity to interact with each other, with local businesses and spaces as a way to feel involved and engaged.

As for public entities like the Delaware River Waterfront Corp, the organization is working hard to find ways to keep the public engaged and let them know that we’re listening to and incorporating their suggestions and ideas. The Master Plan for the Central Delaware was based off of civic visioning, but on an even smaller level, interacting with Instagram users to ask what they want at Spruce Street Harbor Park next year, and then finding a way to recognize them will play an important role in how we design the site.

As this becomes the norm, organizers are going to have to get more and more creative about public engagement in order to stand out – a result that will bring both huge opportunities and repercussions. The take away message is that Philadelphia organizations will not succeed without reaching out in very physical ways to their constituents.

I was born in Germantown, then raised three blocks away from the Philly/Cheltenham boundary, so I like to say that I was born and raised in Philly. I left for college and to follow my wanderlust all around the country from living in Glacier National Park in Montana, to working at a bagel shop in Flagstaff, Arizona. I returned to Philadelphia seven years ago to begin my career as a neuroscientist, and stayed at a lab at UPENN researching the development of the visual system in fish. After getting a masters in Environmental Studies, I did a dramatic career shift and landed feet first as the Communications Manager at the Delaware River Waterfront Corp (Penn’s Landing to most of you).Before leaving my job, I went through some major life changes which led me to search out a project and a way to meet new people. I had been obsessed with trying to find the “cool” things to do in Philly, so I decided I would just ask people what they loved. I assumed, correctly, that this would help me meet new people and experience tons of under the radar Philly places. It became a project dedicated to reminding Philly residents that there is too much in the city that is forgotten or overlooked. I’m hoping to pick up on the positive momentum that is happening in the city and help to change how we talk about it.

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