Friday, October 4, 2013

Meet Fast Forward Presenter >> Mike Burlando

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
Graphic Design for Civic Pride: A New Flag for A New Philadelphia 

Flying a flag is one of the most accessible ways to demonstrate belonging to a group. Philly has a city flag, but it's not seen much outside of its official capacity. Is the failure of the flag to be widely embraced the fault of marketing or design? Could a better-designed flag that tells a story about where Philadelphia has been and where it's going become a new symbol for the city's rebirth? Cities and urban centers have long been major consumers of the world’s natural resources and energy as well as one of the largest producers of municipal waste. These factors are not only destroying large amounts of land in the creation of landfills, but are also a substantial contributing factor to global climate change. With populations in urban centers expected to increase drastically in the next 15-20 years it is unlikely that the impact cities have on the world will subside.

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Michael Burlando is a designer, builder, photographer, amateur historian, and lover of all things Philadelphia. While earning his Master of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, Michael restored an 1870's Victorian rowhouse. He's worked at the Chicago office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and at MGA Partners in Philadelphia, and now acts as a Project Manager for Columbus Construction. He lives with his wife and dog in Graduate Hospital, writes for Hidden City Daily, runs the revived Philly Skinny, and blogs at


  1. What exactly is the purpose of the huge non sequitor here regarding climate change?

    And sure, cities contribute to climate change. But cities are the symptoms, not the root cause. It's people who cause climate change. And unless we all become luddites, cities are the least impacting ways to have this may people live on Earth.

  2. Hope you'll join us for tonight's event - the purpose may become clear!