Monday, October 7, 2013

Meet Fast Forward Presenter >> Jai Agrawal

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
Design by the People 
Consensus-Based Form & the Architecture of Social Impact

An entirely new force of digital democracy is surging tides of human behavior from San Francisco to Pakistan to the halls of Beijing. It is radically disfiguring entire industries and cultures, overturning governments and economies, and releasing collective imagination at a pace that is nearly beyond comprehension. This global web pulses brighter every moment, adapting with each beat to release more creativity, resourcefulness, and good will.

This inquiry will explore the formulation of a new kind of architecture born of social impact and public consensus. These themes will form the basis for a completely new architectural development process that will generate elegant and sophisticated proposals that carry maximum social impact, as well as shared design authorship with the public that it serves.

Jai is a social entrepreneur and architecture graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. His research into social justice focuses on the connections between design, policy, economic theory, and managerial philosophy. He plans to launch his company, Public Service Architecture, upon graduation in the Spring on 2014, given adequate investment.

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