Friday, October 5, 2012

Meet Fast Forward Presenter >> Jason Goodman

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
Promoting a "Maker" Economy

3rd Ward is a community of thinkers, tinkerers, and makers. We believe that anyone can be a maker, and we want to build a world where makers forge the future. At 3rd Ward, we understand that each part of the creative process presents a unique set of challenges. Our dynamic facilities are designed to provide the environment, tools, and experiences to bring your ideas to life.

Jason Goodman is the co-founder and Executive Director of 3rd Ward. Over the past five years, he has built an internationally recognized creative incubator in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Due to substantial infrastructure development, 3rd Ward has recently experienced explosive growth in membership and brand recognition. In the past three years, membership has multiplied more than 400% to over 1,000 members. 3rd Ward is also expanding nationally, leveraging its proven incubation structure to specifically serve each city’s creative, entrepreneurial, and urban development needs.
In addition to his work at 3rd Ward, Jason co-founded Artists Wanted in 2008 with Will Etundi Jr. Artists Wanted is a venture capital backed web startup delivering an online platform for artists to reach an enormous audience, exhibit and directly sell their work. Since inception, over 100,000 artists have joined Artists Wanted, and the site receives millions of views each month. Jason continues to serve Artists Wanted as a very active board member.


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