Friday, October 2, 2015

Meet Fast Forward Presenters >> Lindsay Bodin & Cheryl Symth

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
Certified Landlords That Care

When we think of Landlords, "caring" is usually not the first word that pops into our head. Our Landlord Cares is a new certification program looking to shift expectations and connect renters with 'Certified Landlords That Care.' Those landlords already doing a fabulous job will now become accessible.

Given the current view of landlords, we often overlook how difficult it is to be a one. They often don't have backgrounds in building maintenance or community engagement. This certification program will provide an educational pathway for landlords to become the kind we all hope to get - Landlords That Care.

Lindsay Bodin and Cheryl Smyth teamed up to create Our Landlord Cares in an effort to bring positive transformation to neighborhoods and communities. Both women see the possibility of living in a world where landlords are viewed as and deserve to be celebrated members of their community.
Lindsay is an Assistant Project Manager at the real estate development firm AthenianRazak. With a background in architecture and studying the human impact of the built environment, Lindsay is unlike many real estate professionals with backgrounds in finance. After graduating from Philadelphia University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Architecture, Lindsay spent four years in New York City as a building code and zoning consultant helping architects, engineers, developers, and owners get city approval and construction permits on projects as large as fifty-two story mixed-use skyscrapers. Returning to Philadelphia in late 2014, Lindsay has supported public amenity development and volunteers for the Friends of the Rail Park.

Cheryl is a national award winning fine artist practicing in her studio in South Philadelphia. Her artwork focuses on the history of humanity, religion, and gender culture as it relates to modern American society. Cheryl is also currently working in the insurance industry and is a licensed property and casualty, life, and health insurance producer. As a property owner and aspiring developer with a background in management and restaurant hospitality, Cheryl has found that her skills and experience have prepared her to be able to beautify and contribute to her community in a real and impactful way. In 2010 Cheryl graduated with a Certificate in Painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and in 2011 received a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania.

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