Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Meet Fast Forward Presenter >> Ryan Sison

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
Streetscape for Art and Architecture
As a resident of the Kensington/Fishtown area, I constantly see the growth of the neighborhoods and cannot help but imagine what the untouched pockets of land and vacant buildings could be. As one who works in the field of design, I appreciate the street art, the galleries, and the maker spaces that Philadelphia has to offer. Coupling my imagination for how my neighborhood can continue to grow and being intrigued by art and architecture, I propose to create a public exhibition space of large scale sculpture art, innovative art, and architectural installations along stretches of North American Street.  

Having visited, seen, or read about museums and exhibitions such as LACMA in Los Angeles, MoMa PS1 and Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, and the Wynwood Art District in Miami I always come back to Philadelphia and think, “Where is our artistic hub, or more importantly where is a central public location where we can all come together and showcase, admire, progress, and converse about street art, large scale sculptures, innovative art and architectural installations?” While these things are very present and bustling in Philadelphia, “Streetscape for Art and Architecture” is more of an action to bring light to the idea of collectively exhibiting these forms of art in a space that the city can share.

There are plenty of innovators, artists, designers, and makers in this city and transforming portions of American Street into a “Streetscape for Art and Architecture” would provide these groups the opportunity to exhibit their work in a public realm to their peers and the general public. It would also form an identity for American Street and contribute to the cultural diversities that make up Kensington and adjacent neighborhoods. American Street is in close proximity to plenty of art galleries and creative hubs and also possesses an over-scaled road and various vacant parcels of land that would be able to accommodate a “Streetscape for Art and Architecture”.

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Ryan Sison is currently a member of the architectural design staff at BLT Architects and a founder/member of the seedling design collective The Spaces We Share. He is a 2013 Bachelor of Architecture graduate of Philadelphia University. Ryan's pursuit of a B.Arch and experiences studying abroad in Rome have strengthened his fascination with the sensory effects of architecture: from its tactile nature, ability to catalyze experiences, and potential to create a sense of place. Having been educated in this city and currently living in the Kensington/Fishtown neighborhoods, he has developed a great appreciation for the rich history, gritty nature, ability to transform neglect into beauty, and potential that Philadelphia possesses. Ryan constantly imagines how Philadelphia can continue to develop and hopes that he can contribute to the growth of this city and assist in bringing light to the roles of art and architecture in that process.

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