Thursday, October 2, 2014

Meet Fast Forward Presenter >> Terry Laban

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
The Magic of Comics 

What's next for Philly? As a transplant myself, I'm convinced that Philly is the next cool city, the next place the creatively ambitious want to move to from their dull hometowns in the hinterlands or their overpriced apartments in places that used to be more hospitable. It's got everything an aspiring artist could want--it's urban, livable, affordable and lovely, close in streets, with bars, coffee shops and workspaces perfect for connecting with and collaborating. It's got a thriving tech scene, a thriving arts scene and, most importantly from my perspective, a thriving comics scene.

Cartoonists aren't usually mentioned when the creative population is tallied up, and even though "graphic novels" are more popular than ever, a lot of folks still don't realize what an important and vital contribution comics and cartoons can and do make in the culture of a place, in both the real world and digital realms. Philly's comics scene, which includes get-togethers, small publishers, screen printers and comics shops, has the potential to rival those of Brooklyn, Portland or Austin. It's not there yet, but more is happening all the time and, with any luck, we'll be next.

Terry LaBan has been a professional cartoonist for almost 30 years. He's worked as a political cartoonist, an artist and writer in the comic book industry(Fantagraphics Books, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics), and his daily comic strip "Edge City" is syndicated by King Features and appears in the Philadelphia Inquirer. His company Cartoon Impact does marketing and educational comics and infographics. He's also an adjunct professor at Philadelphia University.

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