Monday, October 6, 2014

Meet Fast Forward Presenter >> Alex Feldman

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
Atlantic City: America's Healthcare Resort

Atlantic City has lost 6,000 jobs in the last 6 months with the closure of 4 casinos. This economic meltdown is due to the reliance on one industry – gaming – to prop up the city’s economy. Is Atlantic City slated to become the next Detroit?

Atlantic City needs to diversify its economy to save the city. My suggestion is for Atlantic City to become America’s healthcare resort. By repurposing shuttered casinos into East Coast branches of the country’s premier healthcare centers, the city can remake itself as a different kind of destination - one that has a more robust economic foundation.
Alex Feldman is a designer, planner, and real estate professional that cares deeply about cities. A native of Philadelphia, Alex studied architecture at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated from the Cities Programme at the London School of Economics. After working at both the London and New York offices of Kohn Pedersen Fox Architects, Alex returned to Philadelphia in 2009 to work for U3 Advisors, a boutique advisory and real estate development firm that works with urban anchor institutions on economic and real estate development strategies. Now a Vice President with the firm, Alex is involved in both the advisory and development capacities of the firm, providing expertise in strategic planning, economic development, campus edge planning, and real estate strategy. He has managed projects in a host of cities including Detroit, MI; Brownsville, TX; and Beirut, Lebanon. When not on the road, Alex resides in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood of Philadelphia. 

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  1. In Atlantic city just work for the government. The median wage for federal, state, and local government is much higher than the median for any private sector area according to the census: