Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Meet Fast Forward Presenter >> Darla Jackson

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
Building the Creative Economy

It's my belief that as people in the art and design fields become more and more self sufficient, there will be a further increase of amazing additions to the creative economy...more art, more handcrafted items and more small businesses. The creation of spaces like the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym will allow people to work independently, yet have access to a community of like minded and multi talented peers.  The relationships formed will strengthen the work of the individuals through teaching, feedback and critique, resulting in a stronger art community.

Darla Jackson is a sculptor and owner of the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, a workshop space which gives artists access to a wood shop, metal shop, mold making and casting area and exhibition space. PSG will also offer storage space, affordable personal training sessions and a wide variety of classes.


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