Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Forward Thinker >> Jeff Brauer

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
From Benjamin Franklin Parkway to The Benjamin Franklin Mall


Converting the Parkway to open space will replace a barrier with an active attraction. The Parkway, built prior to the Vine Street Expressway, was designed to carry far more traffic than it does today. At the same time it acts as a physical barrier separating Center City from northern neighborhoods. Making the center lanes a grass mall, will enhance residents’ and visitors’ experiences throughout the district, and reinforce the civic connection between city hall and the art museum. The side lanes would be retained for traffic and bicycles at a calmer speed. Improving pedestrian connections and open space will make this already strengthening area, with the Barnes Museum and others, a vibrant district north of Center City.

Jeff Brauer, M. Arch 2012

Associate Engineer for Amtrak at the PACO Group

Jeff has grown up engaging and observing his surroundings. "From this I have witnessed wonderful places, and spaces which were less pleasant. Often, the latter had such promise and opportunity, but fell just a little short, and by doing so missed the target of ‘great’ by a wide margin. It has been an aim of mine through my studies and now in my professional career to pursue these targets."

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