Friday, October 3, 2014

Meet Fast Forward Presenter >> Ian Smith

What is your Big Idea for Philadelphia?
Visual (Re)presentation

What is next for Philadelphia is shared media that makes neighborhoods aware of the possibilities of its their spaces and places. Thoughts from the pragmatic to the whimsical, from the uncanny to the perverse, or from the Cynical to the sacred is an approximation at describing what neighbors might feel but may not be able to articulate visually.

In neighborhoods throughout the city, connecting to people and developing similar hopes and dreams is an ongoing requirement. In contrast, the current housing development trend continues to produce divisions of wealth and poverty by replication. In doing so, it sometimes removes the historic infrastructure that could still be vital to a neighborhood’s symbolic collective memory.

An infusion of observations through visual narrative in conjunction with Philadelphia’s ongoing reclamation of its existing building stock that is and has been neglected, can create a convergence of community engineering for hopeful collaborations. Available to Philadelphia neighborhoods’ future identity is the experimentation with unexpected overlays upon the existing spaces and places. The hope is that these spaces become canvases for hybrid programming, smart growth, current and future entrepreneurial campaigns, and innovative employment opportunities.

For Ian Smith, architecture signifies a gracious art, a calling to service, and an opportunity to achieve synthesis between emotional relationships and the spaces that allow them to be. Ian is an emerging design professional in the Philadelphia Area, and principal of Ian Smith Design Group LLC, a full-service architecture, planning and design firm with experience in new construction, and interior renovation. When arriving at appropriate solutions for uncommon design challenges, IS-DG not only offers great passion and creativity to all facets of its work, but also offers an extensive design and fine arts background as a resource to its clientele. IS-DG insists that success is achieved from providing products that anyone can use. And, sometimes it does not hurt to add a little meaning in to the process. Prior to his professional journey, degrees at both Rhode Island School of Design, and Yale University help to foreshadow his continued achievements. Among his many efforts, Ian has self-published a book titled, The Connections of Mechanical Fasteners; A Detailed Look at the East Falls Bridge, and co-authored a book on the nostalgic Southern New Jersey Resort town of Wildwood, New Jersey titled, "Wildwood Moments: New Jersey's Beloved Boardwalk".

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